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API Help - Thumbnail and Assembly Feature


New member
I have a couple of questions about the ProE API that I was hoping someone could help out with:

1) Does anyone know of an API call to get a thumnail (or the image - it could then be resized as needed) of the current drawing?

2) Does anyone know how to extract assembly feature data? For example, say I have a part that is just acylinder. I then add this part to an assembly. In the assembly, I then put a hole through the cylinder. When I attempt to extract the geometry, I do not get that there is a hole there, but if the hole were placed in the part, I would get it. Does anyone know why this is and what can be done about it?

Thanks for any help you can give!


New member

1) To get a raster image of a drawing out of Pro/Engineer you have to call ProPrintExecute.

2) You have to visit the components of the assembly (parts) and visit the features of each component. You can do this by calling ProSolidFeatVisit. Look under User's Guide->Assemblies->Visiting Assembly Components in the API Wizard.