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anylasis - measure, how can i use this in relations?


New member
ive been stuck on this before!

Ive created an arc and need to obtain its length for further relations. Ive done, analysis measure and added the feature to the model tree....

but how can i transfer or use this length measurement in relations?

The syntax for relating the analysis features is as follows:


Thus, if you were using the length from Analysis feature Analysis1 it would be:


Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Matthew Ian Loew
Insert/Datum/Evaluate. You must have allow_anotomic_features set to Yes in to use the Evaluate feature. Steps: Give the feature a name. We will call it ARC1. Choose Create. Give the measurement a name. We will call it ARC1. Choose Edg/Crv Len, which is the measurement we want. Choose the arc. We can now use the measurement in a relationship or parameter:

parameter: arc1

relationship: ARC1=ARC1:FID_ARC1

The parameter ARC1 now equals the evaluate feature ARC1's measurement.
Hi Everybody,

I'm having a bit of trouble with my Datum Evaluate feature- more specifically, I'm having trouble with features updating based on relations created with the Eval feature.

here is the senario,

I have two points in space, I have created some surface geometry around one of the points and would like to transform it from one point tothe other so I created a curve between the two andcreated a datum plane nornal to the curve

I then did a Datum eval feature to measure the curve length. (called length)

Ithen did a copy and paste special of the quiltand transformed the quilt using the plane as a direction and added the relation


and presto - it updated .. but..

then I move one of the points, the evaluate feature updates, the move cannot be reddefined (value greyed out) and regenerating the model doesnot update the move..

but if I regenerate the model againit works..

is this a bug?

I have done a simple test to see if feature relations are working and they are.

WF2.0 M180 no BMX,



Edited by: james.lynch
I just did a quick test on WF1 M160 and it's the same.

I'm sure it must be something silly I'm doing.. but I don't know what!
Sorry, simply mistake - I was adding a part relation rather that the feature! I was tearing my hair out there for a minute!

Thanks Anyway!