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any way to designate all parameter for many models en masse?


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Hi, all. I don't know if this exists or not, but I'd like to know. we get models from our customers (100+ files in top level assembly). we use Intralink, so I import them in to the commonspace. the problem is that many of the parameters are not designated, and so they do not show up in the commonspace (things like part description, revision level, material, etc). I would like a script or batch file or something that would take all the parts in a directory (outside of intralink if needed) and set all the parameters to designate. Does this exist? how would I go about making it? any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
What I've been able to do is mapkey the designate part and save the file, but I still have to manualy open it, because I have to work through the list, and I don't know of any way to iterate it though. It's not ideal, and it's slow going, but it works enough.
I don't know if you have ModelCHECK, but here is Technical Doc. from PTC about what's available for ModelCheck in batch mode: TPI 33932



What functionality is available in batch mode with ModelCHECK?

Alternate Technique


See resolution below.



ModelCHECK is capable of automatically fixing models and saving them

in batch mode.

The following is a list of functions that can be performed in batch mode.

Add parameters to the model if their values are known

Rename parameters

Rename datums

Rename layers

Designate parameters

Create layers

Version 3.0 will be have the following enhancements

Change layer display status

Add items to layers

YOu should be able to batch process the models with ModelCheck then put them into your commonspace.
if you have intres, i can send the mapkey i make to solve this problem.

an other fast way is.

open assembly, set parameters

set view column disply - parameters - check all parameters

click and dubble-click on the empty places in the column and set the parametes for the parst.



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