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Any tricks to modify a boundry of a detail view on another..


You can display two (or more) pages of a drawing in separate windows. I think doing this will allow you to pick items on either. Unfortunately, I can't remember where the menu pick is, but it may be under the 'Sheets' menu.

(I haven't done it in years)

-Brian Adkins


New member
You can show multiple drawing sheets in multiple windows (or the same sheet in multiple windows), create a new sheet in a new window, and select any window.

1. Click Windows > New.

2. At the prompt, type the sheet number to appear in the new window, and then press ENTER. You can also add a new sheet to the drawing. The new window appears with the specified sheet.

You can select items in multiple windows using commands in the GET SELECT menu, but keep in mind the following:

1. You can select from any active sheet in any window. For example, you can select details to delete in all windows.

2. If you select an item in a window other than the current window, the selected window becomes the active window. For example, if you select a dimension in a window, that window becomes active. You can then locate the dimension.

Hope it helps