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Any PTC personnel to fight the PTC corner?!

Pro E Bureau

New member
Nice to see everyone have a rant and rave about Pro/E. Nothing changes between releases of software, industry worked in or country lived in!

I was wondering it we have any PTC people reading these rants and raves? Would be nice to see what they have to say about some of the input from users!
I'm another former PTC as well, as of a few months ago. I know a few people in my former department (education) love this site.
Most large companies (I'm sure PTC is included) have policies against current employees participating in online forums concerning their own products such as proecentral...

So I'm pretty sure you'll never see a current PTC employee post (or at least admit to posting) here.

...lurking and listening is another matter...

This was brought up during one of the TCs in Orlando.

They do read it, they are not allowed to respond to a list or site but can respond to an individual.

I have had them respond to me directly from posts I have made here.

One good change in PTC policy would be to admit when bugs exist! I can't count the number of times I ran into bugs that:

A. Support line people weren't aware of, or

B. Support line people knew about it but would not admit that the bug existed.

Honesty is the best policy because I for one don't like wasting my time documenting a bug for PTC that they know already exists.



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