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Animations Ive Done


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Very nice, I especially like the subliminal advertising for East Side Performance and Dyno Testing in the combo mpeg.

How did you get that to work?


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Hi Brad

I have see your animations but I have some critiques and suggestions instead of praises :(

First off all


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Hi Speling,

I didn't create these animations.

UnclePinchPenny apparently did.

I simply asked if he used Design Animation to create them.



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Ive been away for awhile please excuse my late replies.


Yeah, I am not sure how the Eastside Web Page got in there. It was up while rendering the animation. It was purely unintentional.

Hacks and Jason

I used mechanica off of wildfire. Im not exactly sure which one is called.


thanks :)


F U !!! ;p

Im just messin. Youre right I should have spent more time with the colors. I just recently learned how to move the camera around during the animation. This will make them much better. I would love to take you up on your offer but dont have access to Wildfire right now. All I have is 2001 student edition.

Anyways for my next project I am gonna create an animation of an engine assembly. Emphasizing on the valvetrain and crankshaft asm. The next trick I need to learn is how to animate a compression of a spring. Also, I would like to learn how to make an object go from solid to translucent during an animation. This is all further along. Im gonna be busy enough modeling the engine parts and animating them.

later fellas