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Animating w/o special software


New member
Does anyone have a technique for rough animating assemblies without using any extra software such as mechanism? Possible using several screen shots to make an animated .GIF file???

You can use a program called smack it. It will allow you to take many screen images or any type of image and Smack them together to make a windows movie file.

It's allot of work, but I had to do this for a video presentation.
Yep - I've done a few animated gifs:

- Set up relations / program to step your assembly thru the different positions

- Set the Pro/E background colour / lights, etc

- Printscreen for each position (to clipboard)

- Save each individual screenshot as a gif (I just use Paint in Win2K) - make sure they're all the same size

- Use a freeware prog to join the gifs together... (I use unFREEz from:


If you already have photoshop you can use image ready to make animated gifs or Macromedia Fireworks works well too.

Instead of using print screen I would just use the SAVE A COPY option in the file menu. It will only allow you to save your image as a tif or jpg but I believe if you are using image ready or fireworks you can still bring those images in without any trouble. Mabey not though, I'm not sure and I don't have either program with me at work here to try it out.

Like proed was saying if you do not want a blue gradient backround you will have to change your options

system_geometry_color, system_letter_color, system_background_color, etc...

Good Luck
i bit the bullet and bought 3D Studio MAX.

i use it for ALL my rendering and animations.

Great software!!!!

Failing using Max which I agree is great software if not a little pricey, another option is Camtasia recorder (a free downloadable trial copy has all the functionality of the full product and it comes as part of a suite to edit the animations once they're done too).

It allows you to record direct from the ProE window and is dead easy to use....Wayne


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