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animating mechanism with Foundation


New member
I've got a cam riding against a ground surface. I want to rotate the cam. I can do this when the cam is simple (circular cam with a single surface for the tangent constraint).

My question is, can I use multiple surfaces for a tangent constraint? I suspect the answer is no, because I only have foundation. Please let me know.



New member
Have youenabledliftoff during cam definition?


Try highlighting all of the surfaces you want to run the cam over.
<cntrl> C <cntrl> V to create a single quilt. Then use that quilt
when defining the cam.


New member
It is not defined as a cam, i.e. I don't have support for mechanisms. I'm using the constraints in the placement, which is OK to do, but limited.

I'll try the quilt thing just for fun.


dude can u upload some still shots of what your tring to do? there are
quiet afew people here who are excellent with mechanisms. ie Israr.