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Animating flexible componets?


New member
I want to animate the compression of a spring, and the
flexing of a rubber skirt. Is it possible to do this in Pro/Engineer? I thought
I could use Pro/Engineer


New member
Did anyone ever figure out how to do this? I am stuck in the same boat, trying to figure out how to make a flexible component actually flex in an animation.


New member
I'm in the same boat as well. I'm working on the modeling of a rifle for a CAD course (using ProE):

I'm trying to animate the Z-spring. There is another spring that
is a normal helical spring and can be semi-animated by moving the parts
around. The length of the springs are defined by relations, so in
order to view the compressed spring you have to regenerate the
parts. I'm going to have to animate them but I'm not sure if I

Can someone offer some advice?


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We've found the same problem... the flexible springs are great for showing true size shape in assembly, without family tables... but when you come to do a Mechanism they don't regenerate & display properly when the assembly moves.

PTC Tech support suggested the MDO spring feature, but that's just a representation of a spring, without actually showing your part geometry.



New member
according to a post on this forum, WF3.0 wil have the ability to animate flexible components..

I couldn't find any info at PTC.com about it, apparently the information has yet to be released..

BTW Sam did you get your spring to Animate? you have to do it from within Mechanism, not Animate.. then save your output as mpeg.. you can apply real time rendering to make it look nice but from what I remember, you cannot set up view/display/transparency @time..

hope this helps,

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