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Analyze BOM


New member
I am a fairly new user of CATIA V5, coming from WildFire. I have been tasked by my analysis team to provide an analysis of an assembly's BOM and export it to Excel. While I am capable of doing this task via the CATIA menu picks, "Analyze Bill of Material" at the .CATProduct level, I see that the X, Y & Z values that CATIA returns for standard hardware in the assembly is 0,0,0.

I understand that CATIA is analyzing each component in the assembly relative the the axis system contained in each .CATPart file.

Q: Is there a way to force CATIA to analyze each part file (contained in the assembly), relative to the assembly's abosulte 0,0,0?

In my other life as a Pro/E designer, I could tell the CAD system to recognize another axis systemin the assembly as the relative axis system for analysis.

Thank you in advance!


Put the compass on a component, right click mouse and see edit...

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