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analysis of a shaft


New member
I need help on constraining a shaft. One end is full constrained and theother end needs to be constained with a 14 degree displacement around the shaft axis to determine the stress caused by the twisting?
how to allpy twisting load to shaft?

execuse me, I 'm novice.

I can apply force load to the model, but i can't apply moment and twisting load to model?

I really need help, I alread try thousands times!

This can be done by using a total load at a point option if you are using solid elements. Since mechanica is a linear analysis you can apply a unit load measure how much it twist for the given load then scale the load and run the analysis again. For example lets assume that you run the analysis with a 1 in-lb torque and you get 2 degreess rotation (mechanica will give you radians but you could always convert) then in order to get 14 degress you will have to apply a 7 in-lb torque.

I hope this helps



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