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analysis notes on model

Uni Phil

New member
I remember some time ago a video on proecentral explaining how to put analysis results of mass etc on your model which updated each time something was done.

Anyone know where I would find that or even have a tutorial on that please.



New member
Hi Phil

I have an analysis feature with "MEASURE" as the name and DIST is a parameter (say between two surfaces); I would create a 3D note by having...


...... as text of the Note.

The result I would get is the value that resulted from the Analysis. And whenever I change the model in such a way that the distance between the surfaces(used in the analisys) changes, the note will up updated automatically

DN Reddy, Manchuri


New member
in WildFire,you can alsouse a string parametr to create a datum cure(text).

for example:

make a datum curve,use "use parameter" option draw a text entity in sketcher,now the curve(text) will update auomatically with the parameter.maybe you should use itos() function t convert the parameter to string type.

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New member
I'm trying to increase the number of digits displayed in a note I created for an analysis feature. I thought adding [.5] to the text line would display 5 significant figures, but it doesn't. Any ideas on what I might want to try??