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analysis features not on the model tree


should they not be on the modle tree? for some reason i can not see them after i make them.

anyone have any ideas


Active member
go to modelytee setup and display features on. But I think you need this thing in assembly mode. In part mode you should see these automatically.



thanks for that.

how do i these changes/settings to my config.pro? or where ever they should be?

model tree display

features on

notes on

suppressed on


i tried saving the file but it did nothing. put in the bin directory and the pro install directory all to no avail

thanks in advance .



New member
After making the changes to your Model Tree, Choose File>Save Settings in 2001. Save it as a name you will recognize in your startup dir. You can then retrieve those settings at a later time or you can add this option to config.pro:

MDL_TREE_CFG_FILE path to cfg file