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An auto-save / save reminder program


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I guess PTC does not think losing a day's work of unsaved data when Pro unexpectantly crashes isn't as frustrating as having Pro/E auto-save at specified intervals. (See their answer to the auto-save option: ). I tend to disagree.

Is there a third-party program / config option / script available to bring up the save option at a specified interval?

I know this is a shot in the dark, but I figured I'd ask--maybe I should put this under the Wishlist forum.
Use trail files for recovering data.

Edit it (trail files), cut 3 lines before end and execute the trail file, it would rebuild the work you've done.

Trail files are good also for training.


I have developed a general rule with Proe. Don't save every hour or rely auto save programs.

Just save after every successful regeneration.

If you are not running intralink every save creates a new part file (xxxxx.prt.1, then xxxxx.prt.2 ,xxxxx.prt.3 and so on) so you can roll back your part at any time.

If you are running Intralink you can use the frame manager to roll back to a previous version. But if you don
trail files are use to trace back what you've done in your proe sessions. you can playback your proe activities by renaming your trail file you want to play (except trail). select from menu utilities>play trail/training files specify the file you want to play (you need to type in your file with extension). it'll bring you back to the session step by step..

i've tried this before.. it works okay with small files with only a few steps.. but when i'm playing bigger files (>1m), my proe crashes after about 8 steps.. still haven't figure out what the problem is..

thanks for the explanation. it is a little unclear though. you state to rename the trial file you wish to use. what do you rename it to & what extension do you use? also what do you mean by (except trail)?

You need to rename the trial_file to *.txt

The two stipulations are:

1. Remove the incremental file extension (*.1, *.2).

2. You can name the file anything you want except trial.txt

Trial files repeat every step you made in your Pro/E session (screen picks, zooms, etc.), thus they can be very time-consuming to replay.

I think an prompt to save your work at specified increments would still be a better alternative.
If you are running a Linked Pro/E Session (with Intralink), you will also have the ability to save every object in session that has been modified. This is a great way to make sure that you don't forget to save an object by accident....

(I'm not sure why this feature isn't available outside of a linked session...)

A quick tip to cover this is to make a map key for regenerate and save, so that you get both functions... i use one mapkey for regen, and another for regen & save so i can choose between the two
To Brian_Adkins

The save_objects option when set to changed allows to save every object in session that has been modified. This from an assemby that contains those objects.

I don't know of a save-all command.

I'm not sure if that is what you refer to.
When running a session of Pro/E linked to an Intralink workspace, there is an extra menu pick in the File Menu:

This will first give you a list of all modified objects in session (that have not been saved). Then you are given a chance to save them all at once with a single click.


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Hi people from the Pro/E secret/underground World!!!

We have developed a little JLINK module here in Portugal to popup at a customized interval, in order to remember our Pro/E clients/users that they must save their work! It woul be great if PTC could provide us a way to do this a programmer i had to come up with a temporary solution for this!

We have also done a C#.NET application that automatically creates, with macros, ... with all available pro/e variables!

This is a great application because it allows a simple person with no special knoweledge of Pro/E, to fully configure local and REMOTE Pro/E Installations!

You only have to install this application in one computer of your network, than from that computer you can install a light client on other remote PCs in your network, than you can create groups of PCs in your server app. configure all Pro/E variables, mix macro files and the in the end, you can distribute this configurations across your network computers. Very simple, no headaches, imagine...You can remotely configure Pro/E intallations, just great! All our almost 200 clients have this apllication working, it's name is: CPC 2.1.3, visit to know more about this software!

PS: This software is available for all languages, it includes Pro/E variables search, by name, by help, ...and many other functionalities (including remote installation of Autosave popup module)

Contact me: [email protected]
Hi, please tell me, for what kind of applications can your Automation Gateway be used?

It's possible to develop an Electrode Program using C# and Automation Gateway?

Please contact us! [email protected]
Can you tell me what are the possibilities of Automation Gateway and do you have a demo of this, or demo video?

thank you!