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Alternatives to Windchill ?


New member
Hi All

I am a Prof at a University in Australia. I have had a Formula SAE team for 15 years, and every now and then they raise issues around tools to manage the model. Clearly this is Windchill in the PTC world, but even to Higher Ed, the cost is a little prohibitive 'just' for the Formula team.

Has anyone come across a much lower entry cost product that will work with CREO to help manage the model and limit damage from dumb stuff?

I suspect Windchill will do 100 x more than we actually need and is huge overkill (and overheads) for the task at hand.



Hi Bill
I don't know what is exactly you people require to control with windchill or any other PDM solution. Once I check on the internet a PDM system "M files". And its for general propose uses not any application-centric. I was using SVN for some years in a company. That what just to control central data storage and multi-user access control for any project.