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New member
SO................in future i intend to collaborate with some clients who is 1000 mile located far from me

We try to devvelop some products and we need to have a good gestion of our files and of cours to manage every new project verry flexible

What you guys recommend?

What is the best products to buy?

of course compatible with Proe?

There is a way to have an good and efficient type of this management

Can share your experience?

Thanks in advance


New member
If you are a small outfit and you are looking for a cost effective solution, I would recommend using PTC's ProductView Express. You need to save your files inside in Pro/E appropriatellyso they will be able to be viewed easily. As long as your clients are somewhat computer savvy, they should be able to install the software on their own system and be able to navigate through it with ease. That's why PTC provides it, why not take advantage of it, right?


New member
I'm not much for testimonials but I have to say that 3D Tool is pretty great. The only problem I've had is trying to email those exe files is tough because they don't make it through firewalls. Even when they're zipped, there is sometimes a problem. I imagine there's the same issue with e-drawings.

I was also checking out the new 3D capabilities of Acrobat 7.0 last week. PDF's are easier to get through to others but interacting with the 3D content in there isn't the best. They still have a ways to go I think.