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Advanced surfacing


New member
hi, I having problem with Surface>advanced>boundaries>


pls, give tips regarding this


New member
N-sided surfaces need a minimum of 5 curves to form the boundary, and the curves must form a closed loop.

But like Bleed asks, what's your problem?

David Martin

Torgon Industries


New member
hi mike

I m not able to follow u'r link,

I have a PTC Acc. but it saying Account is n't authorized.



New member
I cant help you with the ptc login.

If you have a valid account then I would check your password etc.

Its really just a boundary blend with more than four boundaries. You can apply the same edge constraints ie tangent, curve continuous.

You have to make sure the boundaries are connected (closed) and remember that surface quality is directly related to curve quality. The better your curves are, the easier your life will be.