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Advanced Interference tool in creo


New member
Hi guys,

I know there have been many threads started from 2006 were discussed about global interference analysis feature in creo. But I wonder why PTC didn't give much focus on this functionality so far and to me it looks like a dumb feature.
Anyways, have any one of you attempted to develop an intelligent plug-in in creo which can do better interference analysis and provide the true interference in an asm?

What kind of Intelligence I mean is,
1) It should exclude threaded surface interference in std components (like bolts, nuts)
2) Small Interference between hoses, cables can be excluded.
3) Interference of about 1~2 mm in welded fabricated parts are not an issue, will be burned away in reality

These are just samples. We can make our own design rules based on our need.
I just am wondering how big companies are managing in this field. Which is the world best in class solution available now? Is there any apps or plug-in already available in market?
Please share your thoughts and ideas and suggestions. We are very much in need of a solution because we burnt our hands already in many projects.


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