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Adding tapered threads


New member

Could anybody tell me how to add a 1/2"NPT thread to my model of a threaded coupling. I currently have drawn the model without the thread so I need to do some sort of helical cut along the modelled tapered face.



New member
Usethe helical sweep cut feature to create the thread. In this case, the sweep profilewill be the tapered minor diameter.


New member
This is a gray area. If you are going to use the thread for manufacturing then the above way will not work too good. There is also a ton of data that needs to be calculated to make a correct pipe thread. I find it strange that ptc can spend time on all the complex things that they have for us to use but they can't build in pipe threads. This is a prime example that ptc are only programmers and don't have a clue about real world manufacturing. Pro man is the same their tool path generation is in need of help as are other things related to manufacturing. I have been asking for pipe threads from version 17. Their threads are really nothing but little purple lines that do nothing except for drawings. PTC get off the ball and give us some real threads.