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Adding symbols to the symbol pallette


New member

I would like to to

1.Define a symbol so that I can use it in the Drawing.

2.Add the symbol so defined to the symbol pallette that comes with Pro/E.
To create a new symbol in a drawing:

Format | Symbol Gallery | Define and give it a name.

Sketch entities (lines, etc) or use existing entities - Copy drawing

To include variable text in a symbol note, place backslashes around it, eg: \text\ - this will allow you to change the text for each symbol placement

Attributes define how the symbol will be placed in a drawing:

- Placement - free, on entity, with leaders, etc

- Height - fixed, variable (related to drawing, view or text)

- Variable text values

Write the symbol to disk, for use in other drawings

To start a symbol palette, first create a drawing entitled palette.drw.

Next, insert your symbols into this drawing, scaling appropriately so you can see them

Add a line to your like this:

symbol_instance_palette_file c:\symbols\palette.drw

To place a symbol from this palette into a drawing, use Insert | Symbol Instance then Pick from Palette

See more at:

Dear Karavasilis christos

At the outset Thank you very much for your elaborate answer.I will try out as you explained,and make a note of what happened.

You didn't mentioned your mail provide the same

Thank a lot once again


Dear Ed

Thanks a lot for sparing your time to help some one who is in need.I'll come back to you soon




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