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Adding constraints to relations and pro/program


New member
Im creating relations on my features, to gain full control of my model.

Of which i will hopefully transfer into pro/prog.

My problem is that i would like to add constraints to the relations:


solid extrusion circle radius=5

cut in solid circle, radius from center 2.5 dia of cut =1

I want to be able to control the location of the cut on the circle using pro/prog but obviously if a person creates a radius for the cut at over 5 it will fail.....

How do you put a constraint on pro/prog


radius number

please enter radius between 1-5

can be entered into the relations but no actual constraint is working on the model?

Can constraints be put on relations with out using pro/prog?

Please help?
You could add these relations:

if radius<1



if radius>5



This will constrain radius to stay between 1 & 5...
You can also write If Then Else statements within the input section of Pro/Program. I've never tried to use this to check the validity of a response, but you might want to try it.

Dave Martin

Torgon Industries


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