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Adding a gtol to a note


New member
Is it possible to place a gtol on a note in the model? When I try and place the gtol on the note it won't let me select it. Any suggestions?
dear bwoody333,

with reference to ur query rgarding adding gtol to a note,i would like to give u some suggestions,

step1: create the required gtol in free note.

step2: switch dim and look for the gtol id

step3: add the gtol id along with the note using amberson symbol

eg: & gtol id
You can follow the method mentioned by CV Prabhu in case you want the GTOL to appear more than once in the drawing (once as a free note and again in the note).

If you want it just in the note, you can still create a GTOL and place it as a free note. You can then move the free note to the notes area where you wish to place the note. To ensure that the GTOL moves along with the notes everytime you move your notes around, make sure you do this :



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