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adding a analysis parameter to a note


i have a anaylsis feature on a part.

to make it simple a small flat plate 100x150 with a circile 50dia in the center. this plate has a wedge cut out of it.

i have a analysis feature to give the curve length (perimeter) of the remaining circle.

how do i now add this analysis feature to a drawing file of that part? its in the model tree but i can not access that value. As i dont know how to input it in the note





You will need Wildfire 2.0 to do this. There is a Use Parameter check box.

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Matthew Ian Loew

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Branch Rickey


New member
To use the parameter in the note, try the following format:


where param_name is the name of the parameter generated by your analysis feature, and featname is either the name or feature ID number of your analysis feature.

Dave Martin


New member
I think you only get half of the circle length. You must create a parameter which equals 2X the analasys or evaluate feature. Let's say I created an evaluate feature (semi_circ1) which equaled half the circumferance. I would then create a parameter (circ1) which equaled (semi_circ1:fid_semi_circ1*2). In my drawing/model note, bla bla.. &circ1 bla bla....


New member
You can call an analysis parameter in a drawing note as well as in Model Note. And this what you have to do..

I assume Name of the analysis feature to be MEASURE_PERIM and the parameter you used to capture the curve length as CURVLEN.

As text of your note in the drawing, enter...


You should now see the value accessed from the Analysis Feature

DN Reddy, Manchuri ; GE-IBC, India


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