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Add commands from another workbench

ganes aditya

New member
Sometime, we should migrate from one workbench into another when need any command (tool). Say we need Projection tool (command) as Transformation Features Toolbars which are locatedin Wireframe and Surface Design Workbench, while we were in Part Design Workbench.

To do this, you just select Customize from Tools menu, then the Customize doalog box will appear. Click Toolbars tab, then select Transformation Features.And thenAdd commands, hence the command list dialog box will appear, select Projection by scrolling it down,clickOK,after that click close.Finally you can use Projection tool (command) while you were in Part Design.

You could do the same thing with the other ones (commands)...

This following images could help you to do these all.





Enjoy the tutorial,..

Warmly Regards,

Ganes Aditya


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