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Active Posts resetting to now


New member
I would really like to participate in the Pro/E forums here, but keep getting setback by the "Active Topics" resetting itself to todays date and time. I know I can reset my time to review topics from xx hours or even x days. I can never get it to display the "Active Topics" as I logged in. This is frustrating and most of the time I say the heck with it and exit. Has anyone found a solution to this problem? Am I the only one with the problem?


New member
I haven't found that, can I ask what browser you are using? I use Iexplore for this forum and firefox for everything else.. firefox kept onaskign me to log in adn I got sick of it!



New member
I am using IE, but all settings are completely controlled. I am guessing it is a changed setting that must be default to most users. I will have to live with it. Going to check outWsylvester's link. Thanks
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New member

pretty sure you get a cookie each time you come onboard.. if your sec. settings aren't allowing that then it doesn't know the last time you were on

I use that link on my short cut and it only brings up the topics that are new since I was here last.

Do you have to log in each time on any other sites that you have been to?

Our Mod is really the one who can clear this up