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New member
Did a core and I am trying to do a "cutout". The core model regenerates good, but when the assembly cut out is complete if fails on accuracy of the core model. The model is crashing on rounds when I re-set the accuracy. Is there a work around without going thru and fixing my rounds that the cut out does not like?


New member
Do all the components of the assy have the same accuracy?

In Mold Design I have trouble with this all the time, now I use .0005 absolute accuracy and haven't had a problem in months




New member
Hi cncwhiz,

Make sure that the assembly accuracy is absolute, and that it matches the equivalent absolute accuracy of the part you using to do a cutout. It does not matter what the absolute accuracy is, as long as it matches the part's.

What is usually failing is the intersection algorithm used to accurately represent the edges. By making sure both part and assembly have the same accuracy (in absolute), you are sure that the edges will not fail in assembly since they did not fail in the part.

The best practice is to always set absolute accuracy of assembly, and pick accuracy value "From Model" (select the cutout part).