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Absolute Accuracy ??


New member
I have a part with a lot of complex surfaces. Within the first 20 features I can change the absolute accuracy from .0003 to .03.

At the end of the part (about 200 features later) pro/e will only give me the option to change the absolute accuracy from .0136 to 1.316.

Why is there a difference in the minimum allowed accuracy??


Absolute accuracy is the minimum edge in your model so this will change as your model develops.

Think about it, within the 1st 20 features you'll have one smallest edge and 200 features later you'll, in all probability, have another.
What effect does this have on the model? Will I have problems adding small features at the end of my model ( say a .005 radius)?

Thanks dougr for your earlier reply.
If your lucky you'll only get a small edge geom check.

At that point you'll have to decide whether to live with it or dial down your accuracy.

I usually don't fix small edge geom checks, rounds are notorious for creating these.
I part file for a client logo that is made up of the letters F and G. I ended up using a lot of splines to trace over the logo and saved it as a section.

If I try to insert the logo section as one of the last features, pro/e can not dimension the section unless I scale it up by a factor of 5. Then when I try to scale the dimensioned logo section down pro/e kicks me out.

If I add the section at the beginning of the part it comes in fine at a scale=1.

Does anyone know why this happens? Are there any work arounds?


That is what I do. I inserted an extuded surface at the beginning of the part and merged and then cut it at the end of the part.

Is this normal?

Are there any other work arounds?


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