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New member
Hi there, I am facing one problem in my model. I follow the steps of a
movie clip to create a glasses but when I came to the freestyle 3D curve, I
can't get whet I supposed to get.

From the movie clip, the 3D curve can be moved in Z and Y directions
(showed cross shape translator) from 'front view'. And the curve can be
moved in X and Y directions (showed cross shape translator) from 'top
view'. So the curve can move in 3 directions.

Here is the problem, I use the creation type of 'through points' to
make a straight line. Then I need to adjust the line to make the shape
I want. But I can only adjust the shape of the 3D curve in only 2
directions (either XY, XZ, or ZY). That means the translator will only
appear as (cross shape) in 'front view' but will appear as (one horizontal line) in 'top view'.

I tried to free or constraint the point but It doesn't help me.. Please rescue me in this problem. Thank you.


In top View with X and Y direction can move.


in Front View with only can move in Y direction.

Problem: How to drag or adjust the 3D curve in Z direction? Help me please.......
Finally I found the solution of my problem, this have something to do
with the quick compass orientation setting. In order to drag/adjust
the 3D curve line in 3 directions, we need to change to quick compass
orientation in different views.

There is the solution, thank to myself. Hehehe.




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