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A0 Rendering


Hello everyone,

Can anyone tell me what output I should be using if I want to send my image to a printer's shop to create some A0 posters? I assume that my screen dump at maximum window size won't be sufficient to avoid pixelation when it's scaled up. Does anyone have any ideas? Would a postcript file be the right way to do it?

Thanks in advance,



New member
In 'render setup' you can choose 'output'. Set it to BMP, TIFF, PNG if you want a lossless format (and you haveplenty diskspace). Then for image size choose custom and fill in sufficient size for a decent quality print. You'll need at least 3500 pixels wide to arrive at a 75DPI image (which is minimal) and preferably even something larger. Expect long calculation times since every time you double the size you multiply the number of pixels to be calculated by 4. The minimum 3500 wide setting is already 20 times larger than an 800x600 screen size. Memory will be the next bottleneck, since the image alone already takes lots of memory and more has to be assigned to do the processing.