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A problem of Protoolkit development<ProMessage>


New member
In my example,when I build the program.there are a error about ProMessageDisplay below:

ProMessageDisplay(messagefile,USER %0s,Success run promessage.);

error C2660: 'ProMessageDisplay' : function does not take 3 parameters

I have include the head file:







#include <user_tk_error.h>



#include <TestError.h>

#include UtilMessage.h

#include UtilString.h

thank u very much
First, you need to #include ProMessage.h

Also, I am curious as to your actual parameters that you are passing in.... From what I can see, you want the message to simply display Success run promessage.

The first parameter seems OK as it is likely a char * of a file name.

The second one seems like a potential issue... it may not like the % sign in there.

Also, the 3rd parameter and higher, must be the _address_ of the string (or int, etc) you want in there. I know that the similiar C call of printf would accept this, but ProMessageDisplay may have a hard time with it. Try the follwing:

char message[20];

strcpy( message, Success run promessage );

ProMessageDisplay( messagefile, USER test, message );

And make sure to change the lines in your messagefile to reflect the change from User %0s to User test - the first line only... the second line should retain the %0s obviously.

Good Luck,

Include the following header files:



See that you have declared messagefile and the message file has the proper syntax.

USER %0s



Your program should compile w/o errors now.
Set in the preprosesor


I had that problen a while ago

if you have any problem let me know



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