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a part into sheetmetal (2001)


New member
Hi Everyone,

Is there a way of say, taking a part into the sheetmetal environment, and creating, say, a form in it? This would be useful I think.


You can do this, but your part needs uniform wall thickness and radii to make the step into Sheetmetal. FYI: I almost always model my parts first and then convert to sheet metal when I start needing sheet metal tools, this allows me to start a part and decide later if it's machined, molded, or sheet metal.

create a simple thin extruded bracket. Then under applications choose sheet metal and follow the propts.... good luck
There a number of ways to do this, shelling a solid then converting it is another method. The form you make should be a solid part with the surface matching one desired surfaces of the sheetmetal, then you apply it to the location you want like in an assembly. The form can optionally include cutout sections for the sheetmetal. When flattening the part the formed section does not flatten, you have to 'flatten form' separately. You also don't get a developed length from the form like you do with a bend.

Sheetmetal hasn't changed from 2001 to Wildfire that I can see.

hi u can take a part into sheet metal as others said go to application and then go to sheetmetal after making the part in standard mode. while taking the part to sheetmetal u can use the manul of conversion.



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