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A good way of showing Issue Details in Pro/E (Iss No, Date,)


New member

I release a lot of models for manufacture. Clients ask for changes to designs so i issue my drawings with a new Issue Number (Revision Number), Issue Date and Issue Description.

At the moment i have created an issue parameter within part and assembly mode which shows automatically within drawing mode (&issue), which works well.

OK now imagine a multi sheet, multi model drawing which is on Issue 3. Does anybody know of a clever way of not only showing the Issue Number (&issue) but also Issue Dates (both current and obsolete), Issue description (both current and obsolete)?

Idealy this would be programmed in as a parameter/table within part or assembly mode?

Thanks in advance for any help!

In order to show the date on a drawing, the best way is to add to the format a note that says &todays_date, which will show the whatever date is when you add/switch the format. In the same way you should proceed for the others: add &issue, &description, or if it's an assembly, &asm.mbr.description, for ex. For the obsolete stuff, you can create parameters like obsolete_date, and than put it in the format as &obsolete_date. Again, all these in the format(s) you use for drawings. See Pro/E help for details.

Hi Dan

Thanks for your help.

Your solution is similar to how i'm documenting Issue details at the moment. The problem with this technique is that it is very laborious at the drawing stage as you have to individually Enter Text in tables where you want to show maybe &obsolete_date or other issue details. You'd also have to pretty much create individual drawings (with specific issue parameters) for each part you wanted to create a drawing of.

Ideally some kind of repeat region within a table with a bit of programming i beleive would be the answer. How to do this i just don't know.



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