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4 questions.


New member
Hey all,

I would like to know about

1) What exactly Geometric Checks are what can be done to avoid those ?

2) How to run the trail file (in brief ....... Please)?

3) How to use Layouts In assemblies or in part ?

4) How to use Pro Programme & how effectively it can be used ?

Thanks in advance.

hai salil

Running Trail files

1.Open the trail file which you wanted to run in NOTEPAD

2.Remove those lines which caused the Pro/Engineer to exit.

3.Save the file with any name other than 'trail'.Remember the file must have .txt extension.

4.From Pro/E..choose...Utilities --> run train/trail file.

This is very brief description,which limited me from going in to detailed narration.

I suggest you to set one option..


setting the above said option to 'yes' forces the trail file to halt untill the user hit the Enter key.

I got some thing more regarding this trail files,if required....feel free to mail.

[email protected]

Mr maurya i have sent you an email

please send me additional info about trail files too.

i will appreciate it much

Geometry checks usually happen when one feature is almost aligned with another, but not quite - so it leaves small edges/surfaces.

Example - a new cut intersects a previous cut and leaves tiny edges - these may cause geom checks.

You can avoid them by either aligning features or changing the accuracy of the model (Setup | Accuracy).
Hello ,

Thanks for ur replies friends

I'll try the tricks & suggestions given by u

& lookin forward for ur replies for the rest of the



There are several types of geom checks, three off the top of my head are small-edge (probably the most common), self-intersecting surfaces and passes close to.

Small edges & passes close to I typically ignore but anything else I'll fix.

Rounds are notorious in generating small-edge geom checks.

Screwing with part accuracy is always dicey - don't do it unless you have to.

design intent is unclear is the message you get when a geom check is created - what the heck these have to do with design intent is beyond me...

PTC party line is to redesign your part to eliminate these - seriously !!!!

Wish they had a geom check for degenerated sketches..
Dear xcad

As you said there is no mail from you in my mail box.Any how provide your mail ID so that I can send some thing which I knew about these trail files




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