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3D Studio Max and Pro/E


New member
I did a demo copy review on IPA Pro, and it looks like it may not handle the complex animations I will be doing, for example an engine showing all moving parts like pistons, camshafts, valves etc, or a transmission showing meshing gears, and many rotating parts all rotating at different speeds. I need to control parts precisely and be able to constrain parts without being restricted by the capabilities of the program.

Does anyone have experience using 3ds max and pro for creating high quality animations, complete with texture mapped renderings? That is the quality I am looking for, I know the learing curve is steep with 3ds max, but I need that quality output. If you have any suggestions of any other animation package that is up to the task then please let me know.
hi !

i have been using 3d max for the last 4 yrs. a year back i started working on pro/e to create models difficult to make using 3d max due to its lack of precision.

i am a product designer...

I too agree that max is very easy to learn... pro/e too is equally i don't think u should have much problem in doing your project once u learn can selectively learn the animation part of max within a day..

lastly, i think max would be the best option for animation for you r kind of need

we use b+w simple kinematics for animation within pro-e and camtasia for screen capture. the results are pleasing, but we haven't utilised any textured renderings.

I think that Max is not quite good for presentation purposes - I use Alias|Wavefront Studio and Maya
MAX is great in my opinion.

i use it all the time for presentations of mechanical designs of ALL types.

to say Studio or Maya is better is at least inaccurate.


In my opinion MAX is adequate for animation of mechanical parts. Maya is a very good software but it's speciality lies in special effects for movies. and as far as i know studio tools is a very good modeling software for product designers.


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