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3D notes - how to set ’off’ by default?


New member
I can always turn them off with 'tools - environment - 3D notes' but it's one of those minor things in life that really get to you - well it does me anyway!

I've managed to go through Pro/E for five years with never going into the configpro setup (we've got a nicely administered system) but this is now annoying me as I'm dealing with models with tons of 3D notes I don't need to see!

So if you could talk me through it, I'd be gratefull!


New member
donha's right...additionally, put this option in a local config.pro
for your system only. This way you won't have to change the
system level config.pro which would effect others if your application serving.


New member
Cheers guys - but I thought there was only one config.pro?

how do I implement this change only putting it into the 'local' config.pro (bear in mind I'm not even sure how to find the config.pro setup

Like I said - first time in 5 years I've ever gone near this function!


Pro/E reads 3 config.pro files on startup: loadpoint, user and startup directories in that order.

Create a config.pro file in your user directory. On Windoz systems that is typically C:\.