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3D note on UDF


New member
I have Chamfer UDF feature with 2 dimension, offset and angle. I want
to add a 3D note to the UDF that will take the 2 dimensions and combine
them, &offset X &angle. The &offset X &angle works just
fine if create the note in the model after I put the UDF in. But if I
insert the note in the UDF and then use the UDF the 3D note just says
"***X***". Does anybody know what is causing this. Is it possible to
even have, within a UDF, to have a note associative to dimensions?


New member
The problem is that the feature/diminension ids changes from the original and ProE is not smart enough to update the note. We had this problem since 2001 and we made a series of mapkeys to create the note.


New member
The work around I use is to attach a parameter to the
feature after udf creation and use this in the note
instead (&parameter_name:att_feat). If you have
multiple features you need to add the parameter to all
of them that may get the leader attached (mine are for
drawing notes). But the users need to use the j-link
program to edit so I can change the parameters after
the edit.