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3d Datum curves from equations.... eg produce a knot?


New member
Does anyone know if it is possible to draw a datum curve using equations so it doesnt just exist on one datum plane.

I know you can produce helical springs, but how can you plot a sequence of datum points in space using equations?

To give you an example im trying to complete a knot (in a piece of string) in space just using datum curves / datum points from equations!?

Hoping you can help?


New member
when you create a datum curve from an equation, it can be 3-dimensional. the only catch is that it will have to be written parametrically. you can either use the cartesian or the polar coordinate systems. do you have the equation for the knot already?

to use this function, click on the datum curve icon on the right side of your screen. A menu will pop up.

From Equation> Done

Select the coordinate system you need

Choose which type of coordinate system type you want

There are examples of how to use each type if you need help with the parameterization

Hope this helps. =)