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2D Kinematic


New member

I'm looking for 2D kinematics analysis (i.e. for testing a concept for mold ejection). But I don't want to model the entire thing up and then find out that it doesn't work. It's pretty complicated and we're split half and half about it working.

I don't know if it even is called that, or if there's an easier solution.

Thanks in advance



If you are looking to synthesize a mechanism, I recommend a powerful tool called SyMech ( that works directly within Pro/E. If you only wish to construct mechanisms and perform the kinematics, you can use the Mechanism Dynamics eXtension (MDX) functionality that is included in Pro/E foundation. You can learn more about MDX by visiting Good luck!

Best regards,

Matthew Ian Loew


Depending on how simple your 2D kinematic mechanism is, you can create a part (or skeleton) of datum curves to represent your mechanism. It might be simple enough to include everything in one sketch. You can use this stick figure sketch or part to simulate your mechanism.


New member
That's exactly what I wanted, a stick figure, more like a drafting I can drag and see what it does, for example: for slides for undercuts, we often get outrageous ideas we don't try because we don't know if it will let the part loose before the ejection pins or systems comes to play...

Jason, can you be a little more specific as to what steps should I take or point me somewhere where I can get help (what to look for in the HELP, for instance)

Thanks :)


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