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    Unbend square tube for lasercutting

    Hello All,

    I'm trying to unbend a square tube in creo 2.0.
    What did i do:
    - scetch a line for the sweep and create a sweep
    - switch to sheetmetal using a shell
    - cut the tube for bending
    when i try to unbend at this point Creo simply crashes.
    - i add some corner relief
    when i try to unbend at this point the feature works, creo show the unbended tube. but when i finish the unbend feature the troubleshooter tells me Highlighted surfaces cannot be unbent. Recommended actions: Try ripping out the surfaces.
    And this is where i get stuck.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Can anyone help me with this? I'm new to using sheetmetal with tubes



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    You cannot unbend a tube. Creo Sheetmetal only understands open sheetmetal. The bend properties are also not the same for a tube vs. sheetmetal. You may be able to use Pro/Piping but last I remember it doesn't do anything except round tubing. You may be better off calculating the unbent state and making either a family member or another part. Another option is a Tweek feature but you still need to calculate it and it actually works better to bend vs. unbend.

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    got to have a small flat edge..... or maybe what you want is a rip. Here is a video showing a sqare tube ripped then flattened. Video is using Creo 1.0 from a few years ago. < fast forward to about 2:25
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    Bart Brejcha

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