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    I used the render wizard to make an image and now my part
    and assembly files open with the (distracting to me)
    checkered floor backdrop. I can set each file back to the
    default grey studio room every time I open but that's a
    pain. Does anyone know how to change the default backdrop


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    Goto tools > options
    in that select system options > colours

    there you can change backdrops.

    good luck
    Guru HM
    Implantaire Technologies

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    That was the first thing I tried (and several other times
    too), and it doesn't work for some reason. Even the reset
    to defaults doesn't get rid of the checkerboard.

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    I've finally fixed this! Thank God!

    Render Manager Tab, select Edit Scenery, scene editor.

    Then the setting sticks for newly opened part/assembles.
    Just posting the answer in case someone else hits this one.

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