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2003 PTC/USER Conference - Your Comments



If you attended the 2003 PTC/USER Conference in Orlando this year, I would like to hear your comments. I was not able to attend this year.


New member
This was my first year to attend the conference and I thought the content was excellent. There was quite a bit of insider information at the conference that we would never hear anywhere else. I especially liked the futures information.

For example: PTC is investigating a new method of handling licenses. The idea is to let people check-out a license for the evening or a business trip, and take it with them. No more dialing into the server or dedicating a license to a laptop!

I believe the conference is well worth the money for all PTC product administrators.


New member
The best part about the conference was the tc meetings and the insider stuff you pick up in between sessions.

The sessions were okay although I can only actually remember two (Brian Adkins and Ron Grabau) but the real benifit was all the ptc related stuff/ people in one place.

You tend to learn tricks you would never pick up through courses or from instructors who have read the books but have never actually made anything.

I would definitely recommend it.



Technical Committee's (TC) are the user bodies that really work with PTC on new product functionality.

This is how enhancements really get made to the software. If anyone really wants to get involved with the future of PTC's software, the enhancement request form on the website is not really the best way to do it.

...I think they need to publicize these TC groups more that they currently do.

More info:



To the original question... I thought this year's conference was better than the last two years (Reno and Atlanta) with regards to presentations, exhibits, and location (Orlando).

Although there were more user presentations to choose from, I don't think the quality of the presentations varies much from year to year. However, the most popular topics do change from year to year.

Looking forward to next year's conference in Nashville.


New member
I was attending most of the admin sessions and missed the one about Pro Mechinism but I checked it out on the conference CD. That was a great little presentation! I took what I learned just from the CD and starting putting assemblies in motion! Great Job!


New member
Good conference this year!

Exhibit boths are always kind of informative and sometimes provide the right solution to your interests. The PTC exhibit boths were always packed....lots of interest seeing Wildfire/ILINK3/and others. Hearing from PTC execs and their opinions/perspectives along with the availibility to a lot of PLMs was good. Seeing enhancements and new functionality is also good. Featured keynote speakers were again quite good and offer insight that's not always available outside of the conference setting.

Hoping to attend in Nashville next year!


New member
Anybody know when they will be putting the presentations on the web site?... Alternatively do any attendees have a presentation CD that they would be willing to share select presentations?


New member
Just to be curious here, did anyone attending the conference take the PTC Certified Professional Program test?

Steve C


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