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2001 ver. assy spring length?


New member
I have a compression spring which is used in diff. assys. The compressed length of the spring keeps changing from assy to assy, My question is, if i derive a relation b/w the spring and the hole, will the change take effect in all the other assys where the same spring is used? or do i have to create seperate spring for thr other assys? (mind you its 2001 ver not wild fire)
You need to drive the length of spring in each assembly, providing that your spring is modeled in such way that a change in dimension would change the length.

Ex.: In assembly relation add a line.

d20:25 = 5

Where 'd20' is length dimension, ':25' is session id number of the spring '5' is length you need in that assembly.

**** Important ****

After you regenerate the assembly, spring will change it's length.

DO NOT submit or check in the part in PDM or Intralink.

Next time you open the assembly and regenerate it, it will change length automatically.

Good luck,