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2001 drawbacks


New member
I want to share some of the drawbacks ( in my view ) of proe2001 over previous versions. Please let me know whether I am write or wrong? Please share your views on these topics.

1) In 2001 you cannot export model image in perspective view. In other words when u click for image export the perspective view no longer remains on screen whereas it is possible in 2000i2

2) To delete any dimension it require additional click somewhere outside. Same with the move command.

3) While working within the view if you click anywhere the whole view would be selected and ready for move. To deselect the view you have to zoom out and have to click some where outside the view.

Does any one exported perspective view image successfully?
1) The trick is to do the commands the other way round:

- Select File | Save a copy

- Then select View | Model Setup | Perspective

- Pick JPEG, etc - this works OK for me...

2) The delete initially makes an entity greyed out - this is handy, since it allows you to undelete while you are still in the command (another Pro/E attempt at undo). When you select Delete, you don't need another click - whatever you do next will complete the delete command.

3) This is an annoying problem on earlier Pro/E 2001 builds. They seem to have fixed it on later build codes (there's a newer option like move items with views...)



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