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2 questions regarding auto BOM


New member
The company I work for is FINALLY getting set up with automated BOMs after years of typing them in manually. I have 2 questions which I'm sure somebody has the answer to. I tried searching but couldn't come up with a solution.

Question #1: All our parts/subassemblies are set up with 2 description lines of text, title_line1 and title_line2. I want both lines of text to show up in the same cell under the "Description" column in the BOM. So far I have only been successful in getting one line to show up by using the following report symbol: asm.mbr.(user defined) "title_line1".Is there a way toget title_line2 to appear in the same cell??

Question #2: Many of our fasteners have torque values associated with them. In the past we have called this out by having a row in the BOM directly underneath the fastener and specifying the torque value at that location. Is there a way to have a blank row in the automated BOM table where I can specify these values?

Thank you in advance for any help regarding these questions.
For Question #1: Using text editor put.
{0:&ASM.MBR.title_line1}{1: }{2:&ASM.MBR.title_line2}

Don't know about #2.



New member
For your first question. I do the same thing by combining two of my parameters. DESCRIPTION=PRIMARY_DESC+", "+SECONDARY_DESC.

This shows up as: motor plate, CHHM6105

Then you just call it out in the BOM.


New member
You should be able to leave one cell in the BOM blank and add text later.

You should also be able to create a torque parameter in each part and include that in the BOM.


New member
Auto BOM is something I current do NOT do. But it is one of the things
I am most interested in setting up... One problem I am having is I
would be splitting my workpeice in the *.MFG. And have the
overall size of each insert that is split from the work piece go into
the BOM. Because sometimes there are features that protrude beyond the
parting line and other times they do not... Unless I just put that info
in manually each time I don't see away around it....


New member
Thanks to everyone for the replies. I now have both title lines called out!

I thought about having the torque value as a parameter in the model, but that isn't an option because each fastener has different torque values depending on the application. One idea that has been kicked around, but not actually tried yet, is having a bulk item with the torque value that I want to specify called out in the title line of that bulk item. So far I have not tried that but I'm not sure how it will work. If we can figure out a way for this to work I will post my results.


New member
Regarding Q2: WF2 has an option to add commentto the repeat region / BOM member. Add the column to the BOM repeat region and define comment cell. This way you can manually enter comments for each individual BOM member.


New member
You may also want to try creating a "component" parameter in assembly
mode for each fastener to define the torque setting and see how this
lists in the table.

Another possibility would be to create two or three instances of the
screws that have varying torque values with the only difference between
them the value of the parameter "torque". Then in the assembly you call
up the instance you require which in turn defines the torque setting.
More easily managed in a two level family table with torque being the
only parameter in the second level.



New member
Ideally ALL part information should reside in the part file and be called out automatically. The only time you insert manual information should be when it's added to the model info. That's the only way to ensure that tables display the correct values and that information stays connected to the right line in a BOM.