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1) entering Radial Error Tolerances?


New member
Hello! I am looking at a hardcopy of a drawing with "radial" error tolerances, and trying to copy the drawing into ProE. Since I don't know the correct term for this type oftolerance, let me describe it:

Drill a hole in a part, define the position of the hole from 2 references, but instead ofhaving separate +/- tolerances for each of these dimensions, the tolerance is given as a single number, which is a diameter (if the actual center of the hole lies within a circle of this diameter drawn around the theoretical center, it is within tolerance).

Is there a way to represent this type of tolerance in Pro Engineer?

Thank you very much, I hope this is the correct forum for this question.

David Garber


New member
This is called position tolerance. You need to use the geometric tolerancing features in the drafting window to create this.

In drafting select Insert > Geometric Tolerance... and go from there.

Couple things:

1) The position tolerance symbol is the circle with an overlayed cross

2) The dimensions that specify the location of the hole need to be basic dimensions (they are the dimensions that have boxes around them)

3) A good reference for geometric tolerancing (very general stuff) can be found at http://www.engineersedge.com/gdt.htm

Hope that helps


New member
Thank you for the pointers and the website,that is very helpful. I guess this also means there is no way to implement this in 3D construction?

I am evaluating an assembly using Mechanica -> Model Analysis -> Global Interference to see if any parts overlap. Doesyou know if ProE includes tolerances when calculating the interference(so two nominal values may be clear but the tolerance would overlap) or just the nominal value?

Ifit isjust the nominal value,it is still useful, but less so than I hoped...