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Zoom Window without Clicking the Icon


New member
To zoom an area of the model window, we generally click the icon and then pick at two points defining the two corners of the box (window) for the zoomed area. Here is how you get the same sans clicking the corresponding icon.

Hold down the CTRL key, click and release (don't drag) LEFT button of your mouse at the first corner of the supposed zooming area; now move your cursor to the location of the other corner,click LMB again and let go the CTRL key.


New member
I have been using this technique for sometime. Recently I have switched over to wildfire 2.0. They have changed this to CTRL middle button.


New member
Here is a mapkey fwiw, it works off of mapkey zz

mapkey zz @MAPKEY_LABELZoom In;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Activate `main_dlg_cur` `ProCmdViewZoomIn.view`;

It lets you window an area and should work in 2001 - WF 2.0

Edited by: Moroso