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Yelow dot on surface dialog box. ( draft walls)


New member
here's my case.

I'm trying to draft four surfaces (4 sides) on a clam shell like box (no radius, yet) , so when i pick a particular surface a yellow dot appears on the draft dialog box not allowing to draft t. that happens on two surfaces only.

have any you encountered this issue before?


New member
What version of Pro are you using?

Can you attach a picture?

How were your surfaces generated? Certain surfaces cannot be drafted. For example, you can only draft a surface from a round if all adjacent surfaces are drafted as well. Surfaces generated by tabulated cylinders-- what exactly that means escapes me at the moment-- can be drafted, but not other types of cylinders.


New member
My surfaces were generated by using Variable sweep. another thing didn't mention was that the surfaces that can't be drafted have a slight curve. you think that may be the issue?

see the image, the surfaces in question are highlighted.

using wildfire


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