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xtop runtime error

laser guy

New member
Does anyone know what would cause xtop runtime errors in wf2? I get them at random times at least twice a day and it shuts proe down.

In the past I though it may have been the surface intensive models we build, but the latest culprit is a simple extruded part I was adding another simple extrusion to. There were no other models in memory.

I am running on a 1.9ghz AMD Athelon Machine with 2 gigs of ram and an NVDIAIA Gforce 3 graphics card. The graphics card setting in config is opengl.

It is enough to drive a guy to go drink a beer!


New member
I get a similar error, but mine is more predictable. About 90% of the time I go to shut down pro I save and close everything then click close and yes and at that point I get the xtop error. It doesn't affect funtionality at all, but it's a little weird. I'm running WF1.

Its a pretty generic answer, I know, but you might try re-installing everything.


New member
Sounds crazy but I found on some machines that the mail notify in the toolbar causes ProE to do so, someone once told me it has to do with the office assistant that is chosen, dont use einstein. I tell people to turn it off and it takes care of it. Also the OpenGl screen saver will cause it to go down, turn the screen saver off.

laser guy

New member
Thanks for the suggestions. Turns out it was the graphics card. I upgraded from a Geforce 3 to a Geforce FX 5700. While this is not a high end cad card, it solved the problem with out breaking the bank.

-Laser Guy


New member
Are you sure that the problem is just the card. We have 5 seat proe and they all use Geforce 3 graphics cards. We dont have any problems with them. However we have found that lotust notes causes the same problem with xtop.



Active member
Besides the graphics card problem there is also a problem of the datecode. F000 had problems but M020 is much stable. The same problem we faced with Wildfire 1.0 When we switched to M150 from 2003490 there was no problem with graphics.


laser guy

New member
Yeah, we did load the M020 version of the software and flex LM just for giggles. I also turned all of the other stuff off in the background prior to getting the new card to no avail. I ened up leaving work and driving out to get it myself due to 9 crashes in under an hour.

After installation of the card life is good. Graphics are much smoother when spinning also. Now everything is running as it was before. So the only changing variable was the card and the card driver.

The Geforce 3 was great with 2001 and WF1, but for some reason WF2 appeared not to like it. All I know is it works and I don't want to touch it :)

Laser guy


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