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New member
Does anyone know how to start proe by xtop.exe, because I get an error message when trying to do that.

Thanks in advance.


New member
xtop is the executable that is running as the interface between ProE and Windows, and isn't started as such but AFAIK is started by the ProE application. When I look into the system here we have a PTC application manager which is started by 'startapp.exe'. In this there are several batch files defined, where the one for ProE 2001 is setting some environment and then starting up 'pro_star.exe -R 2001' (although an identical 'pro_start.exe' can be found in de bin-directory, so I suppose this is an 8.3 DOS equivalent).



yes, xtop is the main Pro/E executable. It isonly launched after the system environment has been properly set up (environment variables, mostly).

in 2001, this environment setup was performed by the Pro/E launching batch file (e.g., proe_2001.bat). xtop was launched at the end of that script.

in WF2, the environment is set up using a program called proe.exe which first reads an environment file (e.g., proe_wf2.psf) and then launches xtop.exe.

Before you will be able to launch xtop.exe successfully, you will first need to set up the environment identically to that which would have been set up by either proe_2001.bat or proe_wf2.psf.

This can be accomplished by simply creating a batch file out of either of those files and doing a little editing.