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x y dimensioning


New member
hi friends how can i create a model so that in one view i should get the x y dimensions and in the other i need ordinary dimensions.

thanks for those who help
i have a valve part in proe i need to show the coining operation and the part in 2 different sheets i can do this by putting datum curve for the part .But in the next sheet where i place the machined dwgs i need o show the x,y dimensions at all the edges so my work man will use to feed the cnc codes can any one help me.

Sounds like you either want to convert existing linear dimensions to ordinate (select the dimensions, then click Edit > Linear to Ordinate) or you want to create ordinate dimensions (Insert > Dimension > Ordinate Dimension), and choose the appropriate model reference as your baseline.

If the part is a sheetmetal part, 2001 has automatic ordinate dimensioning for bends and notches and similar features.

Dave Martin

Torgon Industries
hi i need complete co ordinate dimensioning

ie in xyz formatt

ie (x,y,z)








like this
Create driven dimensions in the appropriate drawing view..

If you want both in the model you'll have to use ref dimensions...